Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy 2014

Posted on Nov 22, 2014


November 4, 2014 was the day that marked the opening of the VII International Trade Fair – aptly titled “Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy 2014” – within the Kiev International Exhibition Centre.

As one of the participants, Onipko Group in cooperation with the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences presented innovative renewable energy solutions. The stand displayed a new generation of wind turbines capable of operating in a wide spectrum of wind conditions; ranging from low wind speeds to violent gusts.

In addition, a new hybrid wind turbine system was revealed which implemented these technologies to increase the efficiency of traditional wind turbines. Finally, an original solar panel orientation system that would automatically seek out the highest point of solar energy was unveiled.

The exhibition hosted a myriad of technologies and inventions that pertained to the world of renewable energy, and Onipko Group garnered a lot of attention from attendees and peers alike.

Onipko Group is now gearing up and working in full force to once again amaze the crowd at the upcoming “Energy Efficiency. Renewable Energy 2015” International Trade Fair.