• Working in a range starting from 0.1m/sec, the Onipko rotor is the only wind-driven generator that operates in areas with low wind speeds.
  • The large active area provides maximum energy from minimum wind. The unique spiral design creates a wind cushion surrounding the rotor, increasing it’s efficiency.
  • The long blade surface provides an even higher efficiency with plenty of surface area for the wind to push.
  • The shape of the surface is designed with millimetre accuracy for optimum results.
  • The single rigid construction provides for noiseless work and an ergonomically safe design for birds.
  • The Onipko Rotor can function in areas with wind speed less than 5.6 m/sec. This wind range is globally dominant and makes up most of the Earth’s surface.
  • The power output from the Onipko rotor is 220V AC